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  • PumpJack Pub Davie Village, Vancouver


  • jascentea
    jascentea reviewed PumpJack Pub Over a year ago
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    bartender will screw your money
    Went to Vancouver for 2014 gay pride , I found this bar is quite interesting, people are friendly, so I was hanging out there for 3 days. The every last day I was there, I gave bartender $20 CND for one beer, he gave me $4.5 back, then left right way, I looked at the change, I knew that he may be made a mistake, as I knew I have got ride all the changes and 10 dollar bill at lunch, only had 3 $20 CND bills in my pocket. So when he came back I ask him how much is the beer, he told me $5.5, at same time, he open the register and took $10 CND out right way, I said to him that I don’t have 10 Dollar CND in my pocket. He said to me that I gave him $10CND, if he does run the register, it will show that I gave him $10CND. He sound like that I’m trying to get a free drink. I stood there and really felt that I should let someone run the register. I went to ask another bartender, wondering who is the manager on duty and I would like to speak to the manager, this way, I won’t have any argument with that bartender. He came over and won’t let me talk to his co-worker, he told me that he has run the register, I only gave him $10 CND, now he wants me to leave. I told him that I would like speak to the manager and run the register, he said that he is the manager and want me leave the bar. I didn’t leave and told me if he wants to leave, he has to get police here. He called police and police ask me to go another bar (Fountainhead). I felt that I was really humiliated by this bartender. At this point, I truly believe he wants screw my money, as he knew I’m here traveling, after I questioned him, he doesn’t want me to tell anyone what was happened. I gave it one star, because it is fun bar, I would recommend to go there, but really be careful some bartender will take vantage of you, so get small bills or pay credit card for your drink.