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  • jamesoasis
    jamesoasis reviewed The Den Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The good old days are gone
    It pains me to say this, but The Den isn't what it used to be. The owner is nice, a very cool guy, and very friendly. Since it's inception it has been in 3 locations that I know of. The first two were in Decatur. The first location was the best (in my opinion) and was always packed, but I only went on weekends at the time. I was dissapointed at first when they moved to the other location in Decatur, but I grew accustomed to the new place. That location stayed full as well even throughout the week. This new location in Midtown is the biggest disappointment. The loyal customers migrated there at first, but they soon fizzled out. Especially when other options started to pop up. Midtown is a nice locale, but it is overrated. I could understand if you were opening a restaurant, but for this type of venue it is NOT the place. There have been big compromises to stay relevant such as allowing out of shape men, old guys, and now it is now longer just for men of color (which I don't mind that). It does go down on Labor Day Weekend because out of towners don't know any better. I would suggest he pack that place up ASAP, go back to his old business model, and move back to where his core and loyal patrons reside. Also, they need to embrace the digital age and get on social media. You have to get the word out if you are going to stay in Midtown. But hey, I guess he feels he is doing what is best. So I guess I will always have the good old memories from the south side.