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    jagonthefly reviewed Club Gold Coast Over a year ago
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    I gotta say that this place is in the WORST area possible. Each time I go I drive fast, run all the lights, and am looking around for anyone hiding in the shadows! That said, once you get inside you forget the neighborhood. I was there last 8/6 and the dancers were MUCH better than last time ( about a year ago). One even had chest hair! (You don't see that often) They are a bit pushy for private dances and some of the dancers are pretty much off the street, but if you choose correctly you can get a great private dance. Yes, it not THAT private, but who cares. I had two dances...Jeff (I think) was fabulous! Hot, very interactive, etc. The second, Lorenzo, just put himself on top of me and moved his ass. If you've been to Swinging Richard's in Atlanta, this is the smaller/sleazier version, but with MUCH more reasonable rates. Private dance at SR...$40 to get in the private room, plus another $100 or so, plus tip for 15 min. At GC $20 gets you a song. Do the math. I'll stop by GC anytime I'm in Detroit!