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  • jackrabbitt87
    jackrabbitt87 reviewed Denver Wrangler Over a year ago
    Hates it

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    I honestly will never return to this establishment for a few reasons and those reasons include the following. First of all if you don't smoke then i might suggest you stay clear of the door area because the smoking section is on the patio has wide floor to ceiling glass panels that are lifted up so that the entire smoking lounge is exposed and you can actually see everyone who is out on the smoking area even worse is the fact you can smell it in the entire front bar area. Those of you who do smoke, good luck trying to stand in one place to smoke there, there is over crowding on the smoke deck. Second of all I find it highly insulting and a form of discrimination that they do not allow female impersonators and drag queens in the establishment. I am a female impersonator and find it heartbreaking that our lovely little community wants world acceptance yet our own community has this eye sore bar who discriminates who gets in and who doesn't. The dance floor is smaller than my bathroom and the sound system is way to close to the walls and the songs are muffled. People aren't friendly at all they are down right rude and insulting. I went in there for my first time, and had my behind grabbed my genitals fondled all while trying to make it outside. It isn't worth trying to find a parking spot to even go into the bar.