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  • jackhartman
    jackhartman reviewed Albuquerque Social Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    1975! A total throwback!
    This place is like a journey in a time machine back to stonewall days. It's a drag bar but the drag queens aren't like the fun ones of the modern age..these are huge hideous whales that don't do comedy at all...they try to preform...it's totally self indulgent..no one is interested except themselves...and the men at this bar are right out of 1972..smokers..all out of shape...not attractive at all...it's like you're at the "misfit" bar in some border town. The kicker? They're kinda bitchy here...the staff isn't friendly...and the drag shows DOMINATE the evening...loud, no humor (they're REAL women preforming don'tyaknow) If you like retro dive bar..this is your place!