soo chan choi, 38M. I live Here in Vegas!! A lot of hot sexy asian men in Vegas. YEA I AM ;I live Lasvegas! Hot & Sexy I like a good Meeting with a kind and nice man. I love meeting new people. I have no expectations but would like to meet that special man one day. I have a weakness for all guy but I dont really have a specific type of guy I go for. They're all good. I just want "it" to feel right and the chemistry has to be there. I do love having a good time! I openly express myself and have no tolerance for deceit. Prefer non-smokers. Just be yourself and be honest. I am an intelligent ,warm ,caring loving ,hard body guy. I hope to see the same in you. I'm willing to take a chance for someone special, are you? I graduated culinary school. I can cook diverse style foods. Western,Chinese,Japanese and Korean..... I want to have a chance to cook for you. Now I am student again and learning the caring of people.I will b your best buddy. So I have it all for You.

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