Inez Conover, 70. I decorated the B&Bs in fine furnishing and antiques for each of the 10 Primary actors in the TV show I loved so much "Bewitched" Premiering in the mid 1960'sit brought diversity to the public in comical situations. I also loved the movies from the 1930 to 1950's, The hardest thing I had to do was select the actors who made a difference, so we have Humphrey Bogart's suite, the tough guy. Bette Davis for her strength in a wide range of roles. Judy Garland whom as a child actor, singer to an adult actor along with Mickey Rooney worked in a sweat shop environment to produce all those comedies, then to her tragic finally with A Star is Born. Then of course Mr. Romance Clark Gable who's distinguished role in Gone with The Wind and his infamous statement "Frankly my Dear I don't give a Dam." The Common Living room was done from the movie "Sunset Boulevard", Gloria Swanson, that exciting Swedish actress whom had actually successfully made the change from silent films to talkies

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