39M. ANGELENOS: Aspiring computer nerd with an artistic streak and rather dry wit, recently canned from a LTR. Don't exactly know what I want, but have a pretty good idea. Can get pretty boring, hit me up if you wanna chat/hang/whatevs. Please have 1/2 a brain, an opinion, and manners. BTW, stunning and rich wont hurt, but it wont help either. ANYWHERE ELSE: Born, raised, and still living in my "hometown" L.A. and man is it getting stale here. I want to meet new friends to chat and ultimately help me with my decision on which city to call home. Definitely blowing this Popsicle stand, it's just a matter of when and where. The cities I'm most interested in are (1) Chi-Town (2) Portland (3) NYNY (4) SanFran (6) ME-ami (7) Seattle, (8) D.C. (9) Hotlanta, but open. My heart belongs to sunshine, but I think I need a season or two at this stage in my life-although, I can do without severe winter weather, definitely enjoy a rainy day. Who knows, maybe I'll get into wearing layers upon layers of clothing... Of my list, I've visited SF, Portland, and Seattle, I have a lot to consider. Please help! =)

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