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  • illDRINK2that
    illDRINK2that reviewed Oh Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Go with friends.
    Oh bar is a small little bar that seems to draw a clique and always has. I don't know most of the bar tenders but Stephen and Victoria are the best! They have thursday night karaoke and a great patio! Other than karaoke this bar really never does anything as far as entertainment. I have nothing horrible to say about the place. The negatives are - it's small, there's just not a lot of atmosphere, the videos dont go with the music and you can't use a credit card. The Positives are the staff is friendly, its a good place to stop in for a drink before you hit the clubs and the prices are reasonable. Would I recoomend going? Sure. Would I plan on going for an entire night? No. It's on lark which is gay friendly and a 10-15 minute walk to Rocks and Waterworks which are the clubs. It's Albany so you may want to cab it for $6. .

  • illDRINK2that
    illDRINK2that reviewed Cafe Hollywood Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cafe Hollywood isn't a gay bar
    I'm not sure why this is listed as a gay bar. It's on lark street which is a gay friendly part of the city but cafe hollywood is definitely not a gay bar. I'm not going to give the place a bad review but its not the best bar to go to. At the same time if you're there during the summer you should definitely stop in and have a drink on their AMAZING patio which is through the bar and out back. They also serve food. Sadly they close the patio at 11 PM. Lisa is very friendly :)

  • illDRINK2that
    illDRINK2that reviewed Rocks Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Another bad review from testeralb, SHOCKING... go to rocks!
    Rocks is geared toward a mixed crowd but does get an older happy hour crowd. They have a fun friday night and mixed dj's on a saturday night. The crowd is again mixed. They do host a bear night every other month. They have a variety night on wednesday, therapy thursday every other thursday (check their schedule on facebook - search therapy thursday!), underwear boys on friday happy hour, ladies happy hour in the club, Friday night youll find anything from themes to money falling from the ceiling! They do a lot of drink and shot specials as well. Sometimes theyll have food on a sunday around 6 pm for the happy hour crowd and David the bartender is always entertaining. It's across the street from waterworks so definitely check out both bars. These are the only two gay clubs in albany (at the time of this review). There is one other bar called Oh Bar which is on lark street. Its small but they do have a pool table and really nice patio. The bartenders are friendly but the crowd can be very "clique-y".

  • illDRINK2that
    illDRINK2that reviewed Water Works Pub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Ignore the bitter Testeralb and go to waterworks!
    If you look at ALL of Testeralb's reviews they're all the same. He can't seem to fit in anywhere so clearly its not the bars. Waterworks is cleam, offers bar FRESH bar food and does a tremendous amount for the community. The bar is geared toward an older crowd during the day and a younger crowd at night but is still mixed. Monday Nights they have Karaoke, Tuesday night is trivia, Wednesday Night is a DJ / Drag Show, Therapy Thursday is every other Thursday Night (check out their schedule on facebook - Therapy Thursday! you definitely dont want to miss this moving party), Friday they have underwear boys downstairs, stand up comedy shows upstairs at 8:30-11, then at 11 the pub has karaoke and upstairs the club is open for dancing. Saturday they have ladies happy hour upstairs, Saturday Night 2 DJ's one downstairs (top 40 and dance) Upstairs techno and house. Sundays the schedule changes but sometimes there's an open mic upstairs, comedy, a dj downstairs. It's deifnitely a place to check out. There is a cover on the weekends but not during m-th or sunday. .