Vicky Vermazen, 34F. I'm Vicky, some people call me "Roto". I am pansexual and polyamorous. I'm an anti-consumerist. One of my highest values is honesty. I like learning new things and keeping life interesting. I'm very laid-back and get along with most people. I'm very enthusiastic about music. I like to be active, but hate sports (I prefer hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, sky diving, backpacking, indoor rock climbing). I have a vegetable garden. I love drawing and painting. I like to hug a lot. Goats amuse me. I play the drums poorly. I like to cook and am a private chef. I ride a bike. I live with my partner, Nick, who I have been with for two years. I'm not very feminine. I'll be DJ ROTO as soon as someone teaches me to beatmatch. lol

Berkeley, California
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