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  • Entourage Vegas Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • Hawk's Gym Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • i69mr
    i69mr reviewed Hawk's Gym Over a year ago
    Hates it

    aesthetically speaking, this place is GREAT
    hawk's has a great GH area, black out room, sauna, steam room, 'toys room' and gym. not to mention, the staff are REALLY friendly, and cute too but - i went to get some action and there really were few that i was interested in (and some of the ones i was interested in, they were working! ;P) there are a lot of guys that were there, and a lot of variety. the rooms were descent but they only played one channel of 'movies'. no sheets here. place was a little chilly. and the shower rooms were too bright! but nice ambiance, nice place to definitely watch!

  • i69mr
    i69mr reviewed Entourage Vegas Over a year ago
    Loves it

    honestly, why do you go to a place like this?
    ... to get some right? well, i got all that and more! short and sweet: there are a lot of hot guys when i went. i had a smile on my face when i left! extended review: the lockers were sub par, and the jacuzzi, gym and sauna were along the same level. but there were plenty of rooms. the thing about the rooms were, that guys really didnt leave the door open. also, if you are used to sheets, you dont get sheets here. also, there isnt a dimmer setting on the light. the staff were so-so. the room where they showed porn was cold so, there really wasnt any action there. actually, the place was a little cold. they did have a gigantic pool with a ceasar's palace theme. the maze was "one sided" and small and the entrance to the common area of the maze was awkward BUT when you went in... there was a party going on in there.. i would go here again!