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  • The Club St. Louis Downtown, St. Louis
  • hotrobo7
    hotrobo7 reviewed The Club St. Louis Over a year ago
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    Just the right amount of sleezy
    This is the first bathhouse I ever visited, I was here March 2011. The layout was dark and damp. The staff were indifferent, I am not there for them so this really didn't matter. After wandering around for about 2 hours, not really sure if there was some unwritten rules I decided to take a seat in a cubby in the spa room, there a man approached me and before I knew it I had the full attention of about 8 guys with 2 touching me. This was a great place, a sleazy, dirty corner of the city that serves the purpose it was intended for: To let guys live on the wild side and provide a safe environment for an anonymous hookup.