lance smith, 32M. A true DOM and dominant person interested in developing trust and an enduring relationship with an open honest caring sophisticated individual of substance. Really I am just a dirty old man who craves to control the subtle body and mind of a yielding soft and sensitive person. When it comes to ugly, well yes I am up there with the best or rather worst of the lookers, but hey we can't all be Brad Pitt can we? The past is something that happened and cannot be changed. The future is something to be explored and enjoyed together in a mindset that allows both of us to indulge our fantasies and necessities. And as far as the past is concerned it has relevance to my name. I was called little Dolse hence dolsette. Maybe you are single and looking, maybe you are married and unfaithful. You could be teenager or a mature individual. Looks may be important to some but to me what is important is honesty and a desire to just DO I am looking for something real and with a future, not a one night stand nor on- line only games. My mind and body are both dangerous weapons and like all weapons they need to be used to ensure they stay fresh alert and on the ball. The ID is a link to my kink but horses for course and of course I can enjoy any course. I thought briefly that I may have found the perfect one, but like so many others out there a fake. perhaps that is all there is on this site, fakes, men pretending to be women and scammers. But perseverance may pay off in the long run. Maybe there is just one out there who is genuine and seeking a lasting real and sensible relationship. So if this could be describing you and you could enjoy the company of a dirty highly intellectual old man then do more than just peer. Say 'Hi' and see where it takes us. Go on you know you want to, don't you? And please do remember I may be mature but I am certainly not decrepit it just means I am very very wise and oh so experienced in the many life styles out there in the big interweb land called HERE. Dolse

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