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  • henbro
    henbro reviewed Heretic Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What a dissapointment
    After some research on the web, and reading the reviews, I made an informed decision that I would in all probability, based on the info, enjoy spending an evening at The Heretic.I went in in the early afternoon, and was at once taken by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere around the bar. The barman, Duke, was the consummate host and soon I was part of an animated discussion about all sorts. I later met and I guess he may be, one of the most flamboyant patrons of The Heretic, and once again, I felt the promise of a good evening ahead I left and went back to my room, a little way up the road and returned at about 9-30p.m. My only thought was, when do the people start coming in and when will the music start. I spent a little more time in the bar and out on the patio, however at this time the mood had changed, no one seemed as friendly as earlier in the afternoon and even though I tried to start up conversation, people tended to keep to themselves. I must admit, I was a little disheartened at their attitude, but still aimed to have a great evening/morning. The music started at 10p.m. and the staff cleared all the bar stools away, and I was told this was to accommodate the hundreds that would at times stand 7 deep at the bar. I walked onto the dance floor at about 10.30 and even though the music was hot and pulsating, no one seemed to be bothered and I took to the floor by myself. Slowly a small trickle of folk came it, yet very view started` dancing.. I started walking around and found people to be split in age categories, older folk were relaxing inside and all the young folk were out on the patio. I stayed around, hoping that soon things would really start living up to the hype and reviews I had read and heard? Well, at 12.45 pm nothing much had changed and the mood stayed equally unimpressive. Needless to say, it was a disappointed first timer that left soon after, perhaps I just chose the wrong evening, I certainly hope that this is true and that my next visit will be more enjoyable. Staff: Duke, Shanee GREAT Music: HOT Patrons:: STAND OFFISH AND HELL BENT ON SHYING AWAY FROM SOMEONE THEY DID NOT RECOGNISE OR KNOW.