51M. I'm a chubby fun bear. I like art, mac, walking around, enjoying my city. I'm glad to show visitors around if we have interests in common. Like others, I'd like to meet one nice man of good character and have a fulfilling relationship. I'm a DREAMER! And I do my best to make my dreams come true.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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  • Museu de Arte Moderna Centro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Museu Nacional de Belas Artes Centro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Termas Catete Centro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Grupo Arco-ris Centro, Rio de Janeiro


  • helvecio
    helvecio reviewed Museu de Arte Moderna Over a year ago
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    A Modern building by the bay
    The museum itself is one work of art created by Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil's most prominent architect. Though not too big, the site exhibits its regular collection and other from artists from all over the world. There's a theater besides it and a design store where you can see what is being done in Brazil.

  • helvecio
    helvecio reviewed Termas Catete Over a year ago
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    A good clean place to relax
    Close to Catete Subway Station, this 4-floor building offers a relaxing environment to its customers. Open Mon thru Thu 1PM to 12PM. Fri and Sat: 1PM to 6AM.

  • helvecio
    helvecio reviewed Grupo Arco-ris Over a year ago
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    Fighting for Brazilian LGBT rights
    Created in the early 1990's from the dream of a group of friends in response to epidemic of AIDS and the discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexual, transvestites and transsexual, Grupo Arco-Íris was officially founded on May 21, 1993, in the City of Rio de Janeiro. We are an non-governmental organization whose mission is acting as reference in the promotion of the self-esteem and citizenship of LGBT people, seeking to the transformation of the society through actions of organizational development, administration of the knowledge, community mobilization and defense of the human rights, for the exercise of the free sexual orientation and gender identity.