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    Got back to town. Went to the Zone on a late Thursday night. I checked in and changed in the side room. I got out of my street clothes and changed into a tight see thru thong, black boots and a half shirt, cock ring. Sniffing poppers. Needless to say, I got attention while bare my ass and bulging dick were hanging out. Practically all the 20 or so guys there were in their street clothes. I walked around the first level and headed to the cock pit in back. There were a few guys back there looking around. a bold fem bottom came up to me and started rubbing my dick. we went to a room where he bobbed up and down on my knob and fingering my asshole for about 10 mins. I stuck my now hard and spitty dick back into the thong and headed back to the cock pit, where there was one guy down below. I stuck my 8" poppered up cock into the hole and he started sucking it. Soon other guys started to watch. I edged for about an hour, getting one blowjob after another. I finally jacked off on a guys face about 3 a.m.. and went back to the locker room to change. I like to show off here. A lot of twinks and nerds.