Hamilton Hamilton, 42M. I don't talk too much but I like good company and have an small talking. I like computer science, gadgets, movies, music, theaters, culture, gay events, sports, try different foods, traveling, Idioms.

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  • Bedrocks Beach on Sunset Beach St. Petersburg, Treasure Island



  • hamiltonfvi
    hamiltonfvi reviewed Flamingo Resort Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A very nice place with the whole Package
    If after (or before) hitting the beach you want to refresh yourself with a few nice drinks, then this is the place you wanna go, there is not entry fee and also no fee per parking, the place is huge and is not far from the South coast of St. Pete where the gays beaches usually are. Inside you'll find a couple of dancing clubs, few bars, hot-dog cars, clothing-sex stores, good music always, good vibes everywhere, a large swimming pool, several kiosks that sell food and alcohol, a store that will give you counseling about STDs, free lub and condoms. The place is practically open always.