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  • guy1two
    guy1two reviewed BJ's NXS Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The best gay strip club in Dallas (sadly)
    I've visited a lot of straight strip clubs with straight friends. They can be expensive but fun. Therefore, maybe I was expecting too much from a gay strip club. A couple of weeks ago, I went to four gay strip clubs in Dallas. By far, BJ's was the best of them, which isn't saying much. Although bigger and nicer than the other clubs, BJ's was still too small, making it overcrowded and uncomfortable. The dancers were extremely hot, and there was a huge variety of them. However, they seemed overdressed and lazy. There was no sense of tease or excitement in their routines, and most of them seemed unapproachable and cold. A few of them even chatted with their friends or on their cells throughout the night. There also seemed to be zero management, and dance boxes/platforms were constantly left open for long period of times. Compared to female strippers, they seemed to make hardly any money. And who can blame them? The dancers acted like they didn't care. With all that said, I'd still be willing to give BJ's another try.