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  • grapik
    grapik reviewed Casa Ocotillo Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Disappointing is the only word I can use. They are great hosts and a group of friends would really benefit from staying here. I can't say it feels "luxury" to me, but it does feel family style. Stayed here before and it was good. But, this last trip was very sad. For two mid-summer nights we spent $360. The spa didn't work, we were told it was health reasons, so we went to visit another resort to use a spa. Paying the day rate to soak in a spa, while paying a "luxury" rate at the Ocotillo felt very disappointing. The room was warm, with no ability to control it, except hitting the ceiling fan on high. The owners decide when it is time to cool the rooms, and to what temperature. The rooms are nice, but for a "luxury" resort, I find the signage telling us to use the "trick" towels tacky. The squeegee for the shower is a little much (for a "luxury" place) and the other sign in the room offered to sell me a $4 nozzle, to be clean for sex. These are OK, but at least one sign saying "welcome guest" would be nice. The room signage takes away from the fun, cozy, and campy decor. Because the owners are really sweet, we cleaned our room for them. But they still entered to adjust our window blinds. Really? They had to enter to adjust our blinds? My luxury hotel experiences have always had fewer restrictions and more space to feel like a guest. While the owners are super nice, we were never afforded privacy. Their home looks out over the pool, and their friendly nature leads to plenty of long conversations and short visits. They even went into the pool, while my partner was relaxing. He retreated to the room. This constant monitoring lead to no cuddling, intimacy, or needed conversation, except when we were away from the resort. We went there for a little relationship healing and relaxation. But we ended up leaving the Ocotillo to feel like we had a retreat, which was a disappointment, especially for the higher price. I would rate this about the same as Mirage for room decor and CCBC for landscaping. The landscaping is really nice, although it is getting a bit carried away. I think they can’t keep up with it, and they have no hired staff that I have ever seen or heard of. This is a great alternative from many other resorts that use concrete more than anything else. There are two nice grassy areas. While not luxury, I do think "family style" is a fair description. No romantic appeal, but a friendly, neighborly, setting. Good for a group to go hang out, but not for singles or couples. We felt bad, going to another resort during the day. Because, the owners are so friendly. But we really needed some quiet relaxing time and some privacy. After some looking, we found a truly luxury place, for just a little bit more . To be fair, I won't say where - and it is not gay only, while gay friendly. It's a shame. I wanted to love this place and make it our little escape resort.

  • grapik
    grapik reviewed Faultline Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Turn away and save the gas
    No more cruising here. Girls are 1/3 of the crowd. I recommend heading to MJ's or even WeHo, before going to Flatline. It has lost its edge. The staf doesn't even get excited anymore? If its close, I'd say its a great stop. But, don't go out of your way