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    First Full Review of Sibley Courtyard Inn aka "Sibley Bath"
    A Review of Sibley Courtyard Inn, AKA "Sibley Bath" by George-George In reading through Chicago-area Craigslist male sex ads I constantly see people posting messages "What is Sibley Bath Like?", "Can Anyone Tell Me About Sibley Baths?". I have a close friend who offered to introduce me to Sibley for the first time. He is a regular customer or as they call them "guests" at Sibley Bath, he is my total top and I thank him for giving be background and the "on-site" info about the place. Anyhow, until now there have existed no detailed reviews of Sibley Bath, so enjoy this first effort. So, me and my bud who shared a room with me programmed the Tom-Tom GPS to take us to 629 Sibley Street, in Hammond, Indiana. It is in a residential area. It is a couple blocks away from the Hammond Public Library. On safe traffic corridors, safe to travel by car 24-7. From the outside you have a professional, camera-security monitored clean parking lot, and the entrance to the building has the appearance of an upscale,but lowkey (unmarked), university fraternity house. Your first impression is that you have entered a plantation homestead for gay male sex, a kind of modern-day YMCA size bed and breakfast for men wanting to have sex with each other. Once inside you quickly realize that the building was a clever construction design that began with two separate buildings, both of which were combined to create a single larger. THE NO PROVOCATIVE CLOTHING UPON ARRIVAL RULE They do not want you showing up like you just got back from the Mardi Gras, no costumes, no unusual or provocative clothing/dress styles should be worn when you are showing up for the first time at the parking lot, or front entrance to the building. The reason for this rule is that, again, the establishment does not want any unnecessary negative attention being directed towards the business. The proprietors do not want any additional negative attention or "heat" being brought down upon the place by visitors and guests. So don't show up in drag, do not show up cross-dressed, try to look normal and non-deviant in your dress and appearance. Treat the place like your family owned it: would you bring negative attention to a building owned by your own family? No you would not. GETTING INSIDE THE LOCKED BUILDING Once in the foyer of the building, which is inside the storm door, you enter a kind of small area with steps leading up inside to an electronically operated security door. Just look at the instructions on the right hand side, push the button to page the office staff, and they will "buzz" you in. GETTING REGISTERED You need to register a permanent name for the membership fee, a very reasonable membership fee it is. Very affordable. No ID was asked for when I gave the name I wanted to use for registration. But then, I came in as a friendly, affable, respectfully dressed gentleman; if you ain't like that, maybe your experience will differ. When you first arrive you can request a specific room to rent. That is the power of being a knowledgeable user of the establishment. As there is a strategic sexual advantage in having certain rooms for certain purposes you may have. I asked for tour of the facility first, and because I came at a "low demand" time, the front desk staff were happy to provide a tour. During the tour I spotted a couple rooms that would be ideal for me. So I picked a specific room to rent, you can do the same. FOLLOW THE GOODSENSE RULE: NO CAMERA PHONES USED INSIDE THere is a sign to this effect and it makes good sense to have this rule to protect all guests: the rule do not use phones inside the building that are camera/video phones. No one wants to show up on YOU-TUBE. A phone should not be carried around at any time anywhere because it may give a guest the impression that you are collecting photos, and violating their need for confidentiality. THE STAY INSIDE RULE: Stay Inside the Building. Rules are for keeping things "fair" and preventing problems for the business that might impact on the safety of guests. The main rule is keep inside as much as possible, if you leave the building it is because you are leaving. They do not want any undue attention at the front entrance to the business. So once inside, stay there. This rule of "stay inside" would apply mostly to people who just rent a locker. If you are renting a room, just ask the front office if you need to leave and say go out for a short dinner or something, they will probably not object to this exception to the rule of "stay inside", because you are a higher status guest if you have rented a room. Another exception to the "stay inside the building" rule is that there is a back yard that can be used during warmer weather for sunbathing and outdoor sex. It is in the rear of the building. THE "TOWEL OR LESS" CLOTHING RULE WHILE WALKING AROUND INSIDE THE BUILDING The building is like a little city, or a night club, or spa, it offers a lot of different "sex venues". There are stage/loft areas for groups, benchs and chairs for 3-somes, two mattress "flop beds" in a separate room off the locker room for "orgies", the hot tub, and other amenities. While you are walking around, trolling, or cruising, you cannot wear pants, no leg coverings, no robes, no shirts or t-shirts. The rule is "wear a towel or less". Everyone gets a white longer towel that easily fits even the larger fellow, I am a 46" waist, and easily tied on the towel provided. The "towel or less" rule is essential to creating a "level playing field", a fair system. Take off your watch and bling. You don't see them very often, but there are watches that take pictures, so even the appearance of having "video"capability can create a condition of fear in a place like this where you reasonably want to have complete and absolute privacy. So, my advice, if you are someone like me that constantly wears a watch: take if off, leave it in your car. Don't wear it inside the establishment. THE TAKE A SHOWER FIRST RULE BEFORE USING THE HOT TUB There is a sign posted to this same effect, it asks all guests to comply, it is something simply used in all good spas: shower first before you jump into the hot tub. There is also a large sign on the right side of the pool that says "welcome to our OOOL", you will notice there is no "P" in our "ool", so don't do it. Men need to be reminded about this, enough said. SIBLEY BATH IS A MULTI-MEDIA EXPERIENCE There are lots of different TV screens going at different locations and in all of the private guest rooms that provide gay male porn. Big screen TV's send the images and sounds as a constant stimuli everywhere in the building. There are the scents of "bath house" when you get near the over-sized, very deep, hot tube. There are the scents of fresh coffee all day long, 24-7 in the rear of the building, the coffee nook is free for all guests. The moans and groans of the Orgy Room: there may be 7 or 8 guys laid out on the two beds located in the room adjacent to the locker room, going at it every which way but loose. Or other times,when there is not a sound of "moans and groans", you may find guys laid out on the beds, trying to invite others into their sexual plans. You will want to "move around", see the place, look for parties. If you are sitting in one of the many chairs in the hallways, say "hello" or "hi there" when someone walks by. Be polite to everyone. And they will be polite to you. That is the best way to get the full Sibley Bath experience. TYPICAL GUESTS: WHO SHOWS UP THERE? There are all types of men here, white, black,Latino, Asian/Chinese,Middle Eastern, and they all get along: like a secret band of brothers,they form a rainbow. There is no racial or ethnic tension here. There is no room for haters here. Everyone gets along. It is a very peaceful place for so much testosterone dripping all over the place. This establishment does not attract the kind of person who puts up racist graffiti in the bathroom stalls. Real men is what I saw, young college boys all the way to a guy with a huge hardon using a "cane" to walk around. Bears and fems all under the same roof. Unlike the Chicago northside hangouts where you find a "culture of perfect body posers", here you will find real physiques of all types. Much more friendly than any Chicago scene. More "open",less uptight. No posers here. Just real guys. You are in Hammond, Indiana. Away from the posers. You are now amid real midwestern men who lack the cultural pretense found in large city venues. This is a smoker-friendly facility, smoking is allowed in most locations, and is prohibited in areas where you should not be smoking: like the Hot Tub area. But outside of that, bring your smokes if you have em. If you don't like someone smoking, move,it is a huge building,there is always stuff going on somewhere. If you talk to the regulars, you will find out about the special "characters" that periodically appear at Sibley Bath. This includes someone very popular who has a 13" cock. Maybe you will see a celebrity, maybe you just see ordinary guys. This includes a guy with tatts and a cultural/religious background not normally associated with man to man sex. This includes a lot of literate, interesting, wonderful men you would love to know and talk to no matter where you met them anywhere in the world. AMENITIES INSIDE THE RENTED ROOMS There are an assortment of rooms varying in size and decor and furnishings. Some look extravagant, some look like scenes clearly designed for a "sensual" utility. A lot of effort goes into interior design in the furnishing and decoration of the rented rooms. The place is decorated throughout in a theme of passionate warmth. RENT A ROOM: IT IS THE CLASSY WAY TO GET THE SIBLEY EXPERIENCE You definitely want to have the extra privileges that come with renting a room. There are different prices for different sized rooms. But each room has its own key just as you would get in a hotel. Each room has a television with cable, channel 3 has the gay porn running 24-7. SECURITY IN RENTED ROOMS: Don't Bring A Lot of Valuables Security in the rented rooms is medium level. You get a key. But the lock mechanism may be a cheap one, and may not function 100%. Remember this structure really began as two separate buildings so all their separate bedrooms have older wood doors, the doors lock, but these are not security doors. Best advice like in all travel and hotel stays: don't bring valuables to a fuck fest. Use the key to the lock provided to your room, don't leave the room with the door unlocked if you have stuff in it. People go into the open rooms to "look" to see what they are missing. The empty rooms (those not yet rented out), have their keys still in the locks (it is a trusting kind of environment). FREEDOM TO USE YOUR ROOM AS A PARTYZONE You are free to use your room as a party center. Buy some beers up front at the desk, have some refreshments, whatever, or just hang out in whatever you think might attract the attention of guests passing by in the hallway --- who can view you if you just keep your door open --- like you are "showing off the goods", displaying what you are selling. If you are a bottom, show that ass as people walk by, or read a book on your bed with your naked ass in the air, and passively attract attention as other guests walk by and "look in" on you. Having a room is a preferred way to attract sexual partners,and you always have a place to go to, to bring the other type of guests: those just having a "locker". Create a 3-way or 4-way or as many as you can fit into your room comfortably. This is the true Mardi Gras of th Midwest: you are free to do all of this and more. Create your own sex scene. HOME-STYLE ROOM FURNISHINGS IN THE RENTED ROOMS All of the rooms you can rent (Room 100 through Room 116) are modest in overall size, most like the size of a childs bedroom in older buildings. And these are two older buildings converted into a single shared structure. Every room has a bed, one or more dressers,and other functional items, lights, closets, etc. The furniture and accessories are all "second hand", or "home-style". And thus it does not have the "institutional" climate of a hotel or YMCA. The furnishings are clean, but Spartan. The rented rooms have different advantages, you should just make your own decision in terms of which works best for your "special interests". When I first registered, I asked for a specific room,I asked for Room #114 because it was in a quiet traffic corridor right by the free coffee area in the back of the building. I think there is something sexy about he aromatic smell of freshely brewed coffee. Room #116 is right across from #114 also by the coffee area, and has a smaller sized bed. Some rooms have special features, like Room #103 has a small working refrigerator. None of the rooms have the tacky "ceiling mirrors". NICELY DECORATED THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING It is nicely decorated, showing the sex art, artwork, and tasteful "Manly" decor. There is a person who constantly cleans and checks on things. The bathrooms are all very clean, almost spotless. No smells, no messes here. FREE COFFEE: 24-7 There is a coffee nook that is located in the rear of the building on the first floor, it is free to all guests. I picked room #114 to rent out because Room #114 is located in such a way that its door directly overlooks the coffee set-up. Coffee is very popular. It is kept "refreshed". SOILED YOUR TOWL: No Problem, Get Another for A Buck So you soiled your bath towel, no problem. Just bring it to the front office,they will give you a new one for a buck. ASSORTMENT OF THINGS: Lube, Douche, candy, chips, pop, beer You can buy an assortment of useful things at the front desk, like lube, douche, candy, chips, pop, beer,etc. Soda pops are a buck. This is really like a "family style" facility: the prices are extremely affordable. That could change as people discover this hidden man treasure of America's midwest, and popularlity increases in the future. This has been, after all, the first real review of the place. FRIENDLY PEOPLE WORK AT SIBLEY These are talented, friendly people who work at Sibley. Give them the respect they deserve. Don't come to Sibley plastered from a heavy drinking tour and "act out". Only an intoxicated person would be stupid enough to hit on or try to make a sexual physical contact with one of the dressed staff members. WHAT TO PACK FOR A TRIP TO SIBLEY? All the things you want to bring that might make you happy inside your room. I am funny about pool areas, I like to wear flip flops, call me silly if you want. It is okay to wear flip flops at Sibley. I always bring a little snack, maybe my own beers, drinks, or party favors that can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own room. Don't smoke any kush onsite. The smell could provoke problems. So don't bring any 420, do that before you come. When you get a room, you can use your phone and computer inside the rooms. You will also like the Free Wi-Fi provided by Sibley Courtyard Inn. CONCLUSION: WILL YOU LIKE THE PLACE? You will love the place. This is a jewel, this is an oasis in the Chicago area. This is one of those places that is cool until it gets discovered. Right now it is not discovered. Prior to this review, people have had to depend upon basically "word of mouth" to find out anything about Sibley Bath. If we needed to give a rating on a scale of zero (lousy) to ten (the best experience) for the level of satisfaction with the Sibley Bath Experience: I give it a 10.5 score, it outperforms itself as a successful, and professionally run establishment. Go there, 24-7, have a great time. It is the Disney World of man to man sex in the Chicago area, without the hassle and high prices of a Disney-type business. I say, enter and enjoy. For More Information: