Cities around the world are beginning to reopen restaurants and shops and some bars, be sure to call ahead before going. Many Pride events have moved online, check out our virtual pride calendar for the latest.


Chris Temecula, 55M. I'm a laid back guy who grew tired of the bar scene and stopped going 15 years ago! I only drink at social occasions and perhaps a glass of wine with dInner.I also will not date a drunk nor deal with BS or BS'rs IF you are I don't want to hear from from or know you. I am straight up in ALL dealings tho Gay and my word is as good as gold. I have a beard / mustache and am HIGHLY attracted to men who are height / weight proportionate and also have a beard / Mustache or a mustache at a minimum. Just a personal quirk of mine. Facial hair to the front of the line.. Chris at [email protected]

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