brandon dailey, 38M. iam open minded iam a big nympho iam very loyal iam very faithful iam not superficial iam not materialistic iam very respectful and demand the same in return iam more of a listener then iam a talker people say i can be very charming and have a sliver tongue iam 5ft8 170lbs give or take i have hazel green eyes i take people for there flaws i my self have tons of flaws iam a big animal lover and i like to meet different people for a good chat i accept all kinds of people rather they may be gay bi or whatever if your down to talk and make a friend thats great with me iam not judgmental iam very easy going laid back down to earth go with the flow type of guy who has a very hard time trusting people if i dont feel comfortable about the topic ill tell you iam not shy iam bluntly honest so be careful what you ask iam not going to candy coat it just to make you feel better iam forgetful at times on things i write a lot of poems and express how i feel i also do the same with music iam a big gamer i love cartoons anima action horror thraill comedy fantasy just because you are older then me does not make you any wiser because of ur age nor does that mean you are different from the rest of the people who been thu alot of life changes and experiences age is nothing more then a number as long as your legal then thats good enough lol everyone can talk the talk its easy to do and everyone specially the whole world does very few people can walk the walk i use to have 4 piecing but i dont any more and i have 1 tattoo witch i plan to do a cover up iam a open book with a lot of pages to read if you like to know more then please ask me

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