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  • Barbara's Pavilion Oakcliff, Dallas
  • funwagg
    funwagg reviewed Barbara's Pavilion Over a year ago
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    I don't know why someone said that their drinks are cheap. I felt they were overpriced. The whole time I was there Dan talked trash about 4 people I consider friends. He has such a poor attitude and treats his customers like garbage. I will never NEVER sit foot in that place again. Unless you want to be treated like crap by the owner. The whole time I was there he talked about people I consider friends. Then a guy grabbed my a*s and made a sh*tty remark to me. When I went off on the guy, Dan told me to shut up. Earlier he was trash talking about that guy tellling me he stole from him. I was like, what the f**k did he steal from you? It sure wasn 't that sour a*s rotten egg smell that surrounds the place! Dan is an a**hole. He over charges, talks sh*t about people behind their backs, and is pissy to his customers. No wonder no one goes there anymore. Only three people were there on a Saturday night. This place has lost its charm and appeal. Don't waste your time or your money.