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    As a young gay man who is very fit and attractive I have visited this place several times over about 5 years maybe about 11 or 12 times total. My first experience there consisted of meeting a hot young guy in a gay bar in superior and him taking me there as we had no place else to go in the winter. I was greeted by friendly staff and several young to middle age guys most of whom were very fit and attractive. There was hot sex everywhere in the place and I had not known such a place to exist on earth. It was a horny boys paradise. Much to my own horror, I visited again shortly thereafter on my own and found nothing but unattractive older guys I am not an ageist its just not what I am into. Every time since has been varied in experiences, if you go to this place it is a gamble. You have been warned but hot young guys have been there and it is worth the drive from Minneapolis if you get lucky just be prepared to go home unsatisfied. There is a lot to do in town other than this place. The place is old and falling apart a little dirty and the bathrooms are unsatisfactory. I cant tell when the busy times or days are I have been at all times, but Saturday would be your best bet. Hope this is helpful. If you want guaranteed fun hit up Chicago or san fran.