49M. 177cm/57kg very thin, light brown hair with small beard, versatil (+bottom) guy... Hungarian origin, living in Paris... romantic and savage, sensual and sexual, impish and playful, correct, animated, gourmet, lively, communicative, direct, rascal, fascinating and fascinated, educated... i am looking for someone similar. If you dominate in the bed but you are submissive in life, also if you have some sense of humour, we will perfectly understand each other. If not, we can still give a chance to each other :) ******************************************************************************************************** I am looking for also an investor and a business partner for establish a gay naturist motel/club or working as a tour operator or organizing ecotourisme (or other as your proposal) in Paris region in France or in Budapest area in Hungary or in Brazil (or any other place as your proposal). Details in privat message. ******************************************************************************************************** I am photographer : / My photos from around the world : / I am web-designer : / My blog - all about Hungary : / I am art mosaist :

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