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  • Ziegfield's/Secrets Southeast, Washington
  • DC Eagle Washington
  • Glorious Health and Amusement Washington


  • fresh960
    fresh960 reviewed Phase 1 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    NOW I am a man. I travel with men and women. My girl friends were pre-occupied and kept busy all the way to 3am. Something made them happy. I was doing thing elsewhere. It appears to be a good place for women- they talked about it for days.

  • fresh960
    fresh960 reviewed Ziegfield's/Secrets Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A little something for everybody.
    I got my money's worth, Strong Drinks, Good Parking. The Owner was very very friendly. When the Bar closed he pointed me to a 24 hour place called the GHC in N.E. Washington The owner new my type of people.

  • fresh960
    fresh960 reviewed DC Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    really disapointing
    At 1am Saturday night, there were more employees than people. There was supposed to be some dancing -- nothing. There was supposed to be a dark room playground-- NOPE. Paid 10 dollars cover to enter. Was not worth it. my $10 Dollar drink was weak and very over priced. The Bartender treated me nicely but did not have to much to say and I felt lonely. Droping the Cover would be a good start. I wasted 2 hours just being curteous. Oh my god-there was no parking and the place was kinda empty. I'll be back --this place has hope. The place was clean new but not used enough.

  • fresh960
    fresh960 reviewed Glorious Health and Amusement Over a year ago
    Loves it

    GLORIOUS is the Correct Word.
    My Gosh it was busy. Even at 6am, I was finding new people to explore. I paid only 11 dollars to get in and I had more than 13 hours before I had to pay again. I paid again I did not know that we had 12 hours before I had to pay again. I was in heaven because not even Pittsburgh has a place like this. I wanted to smoke, had to go outside but was told by the parking lot security people that I had to use the rooftop to smoke. It seems they do not want anyone to hang in the parking lot security to prevent car breakings --COOL rooftop. 3 barbeque grills. But I had plenty of meat. Good Music, good lighting. Interesting Dark areas infact I liked the hidden areas better than the gloryholes. I'll be back soon with some buddies