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  • Paco's Ranch Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta
  • Wetdreams Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta
  • Antropology El Centro, Puerto Vallarta


  • flydxc1
    flydxc1 reviewed Wetdreams Over a year ago
    Hates it

    waste of time
    I was there during slow season, but still a waste of time. Ugly dancers, and the shower behind the bar is not as big of a deal as they make it out to be.

  • flydxc1
    flydxc1 reviewed Paco's Ranch Over a year ago
    Loves it

    great time!
    Good bar with lots of locals after 1am - best time out in PV!

  • flydxc1
    flydxc1 reviewed Antropology Over a year ago
    Loves it

    great time, but be careful
    My partner and I went to this bar about four times during our week stay in PV. DEFINITELY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PRIVATE DANCES! If you see a dancer you want, immediately purchase a dance. You will NOT be disappointed. However, don't buy drinks for the strippers and be aware that you will be solicited drugs. I also had my iPhone 5 stolen from my pocket on our last visit there. Great place to get your rocks off, but don't stay too long.