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  • Phoenix East Village, New York
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  • fierce555
    fierce555 reviewed Phoenix Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I went to this place twice....the second time just to make sure that I'm not a victim of some kind of weird hallucination....WEIRD.....that's the closest description of this bar.....I mean there are so many GOOD gay bars in NYC, why would you go to this one, huh ???? The bartenders are nasty and not even close to being HOT and call me shallow but I want my bartenders a last resort if the clientele is not giving me a rush.....and the people that go there are like those who write in their profile: "straight acting".....go to a straight bar man !!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.....I got carried away, but seriously this place is NOT gay ! Ohhh and I did not even mention the losers that approached me with the shitiest pick up lines and annoying personalities, talking about stuff they do not have the slightest clue....RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE unless you want to have a bad memory of NYC's gay nightlife !!! I'm not kidding !