August Winters, 35M. I'm on r&r (rest and relaxation) from iraq. Since I've been overseas for awhile and actually have the money too, I'm in las vegas now for about a week. Then I go back overseas to hell. I want to have fun in vegas, never been and it's always been a dream vacation spot. I'm still in the closet that's why there's no face pic posted. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for except all I know is after being deployed for a while you have a lot of time to think. And I think I'm ready to explore gay life and be completely free to be myself and not worry about holding back mannerisms or being reserved or restrained. while gay lifestyle is not a big reason for me going to vegas I wanna gamble, catch a few shows, see some attractions, and hit up a few gay clubs and bars (just wanna have fun). I think it would be cool to hang out with other gay people whether they're lesbians or men. Just want to get outside of my box atleast for the time I'm in vegas and see what it feels like to not hold anything back and maybe be my full self for out in public.

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