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    emilyrowe reviewed WILDROSE Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What type of bar allows their bar fly's to search and 86 their customers?
    So after pride this year I and a friend went up to the wild rose, and without any kind of warning implying that we were about to be searched (more like felt up). A kid from out of no where just comes up to my friend and without a word starts touching and grabbing her all over. This kid had no uniform on, no badge, and no identification stating that it was her legal right to just go around touching or searching anyone. Horrified of course we asked her, what legal right she had to be doing what she was doing??? And in an extreemly rude tone she anounced that we were 86 and draws a big black X on my friends hand without warning or permission. What!? Why!? No reason just she didn't like us questioning her. And when we asked to speak to the bars manager the kid and some other woman again without any legal form representing that either of them had any legal right to touch anyone, block us and tell us to just leave. B.S. what type of a messed up bussiness just makes their own rules and disregaurds the law? I will never go back to the rose again and I highly suggest you spend your money elsewhere.