Ej Aviance, 52. Performance Artist Xtrodinare, Member Of The Legendary House Of Aviance, Doing performance art since 1999, Club Metro (Atlanta), Backstreet (Atlanta), started Dragamaki @ Nickiemotos 2001 with Chili Pepper (performance artist) Front Cover and Cover Story/ Creative Loafing March 2002 with Nicole Paige Brooks (RuPauls Drag Race), Glitterdome(Atlanta) and Club Make-Up (LA) with Pat Briggs(Torment) 2002-2004, Fox Theatre and Various venues (Hotlanta) with Motion Adrienne and Power Infiniti, Gay Disney 2003-2006 withTweeka Weed, Dan Henigman (Make-up and Body Painting artist Xtrodinare) several Performances (Black & Blue Montreal) (Club Nation DC) with Kevin Aviance (perfrormance artist and club singer): see www.HouseOfAviance.com, entertainment director Eleven50 (Atlanta) and Club Bazzar @ The Fabulous Fox all under the direction of Bill Kaelin. Currently on-tour for MANHUNT's/"Dirty" Underwear Party@ a city near you! 9/28/12 Baltimore MD. at Grand Central 9/29/12 Richmond VA. at Godfrey's 10/5/12 Ann Arbor MI. at The Necto 10/6/12 Minneapolis MN. at The Eagle BOLT Bar Underground 10/12/12 New Haven CT. at Center Street Lounge 10/13/12 Pittsburgh PA. (Venue TBA)

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