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  • Albatross Queens, Astoria
  • Steamworks Baths Gay Village, Toronto
  • Spa Excess Gay Village, Toronto


  • eichenbaum77
    eichenbaum77 reviewed Albatross Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Loud and creepy. Never ever again

  • eichenbaum77
    eichenbaum77 reviewed Steamworks Baths Over a year ago
    Loves it

    good but only at main hours
    Was there in different hours and the late afternoon Friday was not as good as the Saturday evening. Some action but Canadians are somewhat prude, the guys walking around dressed are pathetic. The music is awesome, the dj rules the place! You can wash your butt there buying a hose from the vending machine and attaching to a water supply in the toilet cabin. Also poppers available. I didn't see much drug addicts which is good since they mostly don't have a hard on. The gym is decent. I recommend but keep in mind that to have fun you need to go to the peek hour only. Attention: Canadians are mostly bottom

  • eichenbaum77
    eichenbaum77 reviewed Spa Excess Over a year ago
    Hates it

    ugly crowd, lack of action
    This place has the ugliest crowd ever. I ve been to bathhouses all over europe and south america, this one is really Creepy. Lots of them walking around dressed. I paid 20 for a room and would have paid more 20 to leave if that wasn't for free. I stayed there for one hour hoping to get better. Actually I prayed hard for at least one handsome guy to come in, but looks like god was not bargaining with me that evening. Now seriously, the place is not modern and you real have to like asian people to go there. Not one single white between 20 and 40 there in a Saturday late afternoon, beginning of evening. Even the pictures of naked people on the wall were more ridiculous than sexy.