Sam Seada, 55M. Sam Seada Personality, Experience & Hobbies in Short: My Private life is a bit Complicated, well probably many people knows me round the word, visiting most Gay events worldwide, my best periods of my life started in 1994 and ended 2004 but I am still fighting and I will do my best to enjoy my life again, sure with you assist me by becoming a good friend, I had a very bad heart breaking situation during Christmas & New Years eve 2004/2005, since then I finds it hard to have sex !! About my Business Life. I am about to start up Travel Company in London, England and for sure I will have a special website for gays and lesbians not only for leisure travel, but also to assist gay and lesbian businesses with great affordable prices, as I do believe that I need to help our community and not to be Blood Succour. you will find it soon under: 1. I am a team player and worker, with can do attitude and easy & friendly outgoing personality by nature, that makes it easier for me approaching guests, customers and clients from all different backgrounds and ages, as well as Budgets to do my best and help them achieve their holidays dreams by giving them true advises and helpful comments and notes to help them have the perfect holidays if possible, as my friends all-over the world tells me that when I talk about places they feel that they want to visit it immediately as I do explain the places I do visit from my heart as I do consider my job within the Travel industry as my first ultimate hobby. 2. I am working for more than 25 years within the Travel & Tourism Industry covering most departments such as Travel Consultancy, International Products and Contracting Executive, Sales and Business Development Executive and I did visit more than 80 Countries worldwide, mainly for inspection and gaining the experience of the areas of more interest for the tourists, that made me having very solid knowledge covering different area's worldwide such as the Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia, Europe, USA & Canada, Latin America, Some Countries in Africa and finally Australasia (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as I did start working within the Tourism Industry in Egypt as Inbound Tour Operator and Tour leader, and I had to cover Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Dubai & the UAE in general. Besides that I did visit the USA for more than 200 times, and I did live and worked in Australia for few years as I did visited Australia and New Zealand 6 times before I decided to live and work there as I loved it down-under. 3. My main hobbies are Travelling, Communication with different people round the world and gain the experience having different friends worldwide, Reading, Computing, Sports, Musicals, Concerts, Music and Sometimes Clubbing and having fun, and also I do love cooking covering worldwide varieties of CuisineÃ

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