49M. Raised in South Florida till '78 moved to Los Angeles with (recording engineer/absentminded inventor) husband, became familiar with California and the Pacific Rim till '03. Business reasons DISPLACED US back to Florida where I endeavor to enrich my aesthetique sense. Growing to appreciate a slower pace..

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  • Faultline Bar Silverlake, Los Angeles


  • dvdmrtnkls
    dvdmrtnkls reviewed RAGE Restaurant & Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Rage is the 'rage' it's out RAGE ous(no duh)
    Please be UNDER 35 if you go...if only to protect your own heart. You can sense its proximity to blaze' Beverly Hills when drivers leave their '59 Cadillac convertibles at the loading zone in front with out regard for a parking ticket. The light show and sound system are ovewhelming. Mezzanine and stairs make for great 'stand, model & dagger staring' positioning. For me 1990 was great there. Remember when Vogue, Groove is in The Heart, Pump up The Jam were a new songs?

  • dvdmrtnkls
    dvdmrtnkls reviewed Faultline Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Faultline or Flex?
    Burly ramblin' MEN. KINKY! Don't step on anyone croutching at the urinal. A friend of mine once made a banana split of himself there 'for charity'. The name reminds everyone of it's proximity to the Winnetka Wilshire corridor faultline and if you're lucky being in a 4.1 quake at the bar would be KEWL.