Matt Carter, 39. I'm 100% gay.I'M also HIV NEG. I'm out to every one on my Dad's side of the family,sister's friends and my friends and My Mom's side of the family. What my family doesn't know is that I love doing bondage. I never want them to know that.I have a language based learing disability.(How does it affect me?)My spelling and math. What I like to do that is not bondage: I like cars,fishing,going on boats,auto shows,going on road trips,driving,locksmith work,ridding my bike,talking on the computer,talking to peope,going to the ocean,swimming,going to the movies,being with my friends and family,have fires on the beach and go to gay events as much as I can. What I like about Bondage: Soft leather collar,leather cuffs,leather gags,leather harnesses,racing leathers,wetsuit,putting on other guy's clothing,real mild BDSM,real mild S& M,Athletic clothing,Singlet,Under Armour shirts,pollyerster pants,Nylon pants,Dick locks or know as Cb locks,Catsuits,Cum control,Electro play but mild,gas masks,I love kissing,telling me what gear to sleep in,mild nipple play,some CBT,pictures taken of me in gear and sounding.

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