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  • South Beach Montrose, Houston


  • draco
    draco reviewed South Beach Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Cool place... hate the bouncers!
    A nice disco, superb special effects and lights, lots of attitude and strippers "wanna be's", a few "weird" people, but overall OK. HATE the bouncers; one of them took my beer from my hand around 2:30am, supposedly because they can't sell more alcohol after 2:00am. Let me tell you, that's this was the most horrible thing that has happened to me (I'm not a B*&TCH person, but I've been in discos in Paris, London, Beijing, Phili, NY, Miami, etc., and NEVER a situation like that have happened to me); the management should do something about that, because, if I already payed for the beer, I have the right to finish it; NOT some as*&%ole to take it from me, like if like if I were a delinquent.