alex garcia, 34. name Alexander or alexis Nationality: Salvadorian&American, I am the Happyperson. I can neverpredict myself. People find me to be an super nice and once u know me i will try to make an impact in your life so i can be remembered. Im a honest Guy. I've learned that i want what i can't have. I'm far from perfect but I'm a perfectionist. I am also a strong believer of pursuit of happiness. I believe nothing comes to you. I look for my success.I have an optimistic mind. I hate promises, promises are always broken. Ignorance is love and i need that stuff I'm impatient. I don't truly care for many things or many people. I'm very blunt and honest person. I will prove you wrong even if you are right. I have no fear. When i like something, I obsess over it. I have an obsession with music, and scary movies, and photography and film. I like to go to parties but like family or 15parties, I Love dancing & drink, get high & fashion is a must, and money is a plus. If you can make me laugh, we'll we will get along. I hate cocky people and racist people.I'm creative. I can't be fooled, I won't change, I do what i want. I am ME.

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