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  • Blue Sunset Rooftop Bar Playa los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta
  • Piano Bar & Jazz Garbo Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta
  • Apaches Martini & Cocktail Bar Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta


  • donco6
    donco6 reviewed Piano Bar & Jazz Garbo Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Garbo's is worth a visit.
    We had a good time at Garbo's. The drinks were well-done (dirty gin martini was excellent). They had live entertainment the night we were there and we ended up staying until his set was done - he was that good and entertaining! I'll definitely be back.

  • donco6
    donco6 reviewed Apaches Martini & Cocktail Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Are you a TOQ? Here's the place for you!
    Every day at 5:00 sharp, Apaches hosts every tired old queen in town. You can even bring your dog. He'll get a seat; you may not. Apaches is another tired PV institution that doesn't have the sense to die. Drinks are overpriced and hideous (the Friend of Dorothy was simply undrinkable), seating is guarded for the TOQs and their court, unless you arrive a bit early and stake your claim (4:45 at the latest if you want outside). If you get stuck inside, you'll have to shriek at your friends to be heard over the 2nd tier TOQs who didn't rate an outside table. That's really all this place has to offer. I won't be back.

  • donco6
    donco6 reviewed Blue Sunset Rooftop Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Blue Chairs - meh.
    OK, I know everyone has to go to the Blue Chairs in Puerto Vallarta . . . sort of like everyone has to go to Casa Bonita in Denver. But when you've "been there, done that" there's not really much reason to return. I've been going to PV for years. I swear that Blue Chairs has never changed a single thing. Not a chair, table, coat of paint, drag queen, backdrop, coat of paint ON the drag queen, light/sound system - all the same from years and years ago. It's kind of insulting to realize they're dragging you back in and not even trying. So, go there if you must. Maybe the MethDiet go-go boys are your style. For me . . . not so much.