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  • Fun Hog Ranch Downtown, Las Vegas


  • djdnyc78
    djdnyc78 reviewed Fun Hog Ranch 3 weeks ago
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    Hustled by the bar
    I’ve been coming to the Fun Hug Ranch for 2 decades. Never again. I took an Uber from the strip last night (8/22/22 - 11:45pm) and ordered a vodka rocks. The bartender asked me if I knew how to play the built-in gambling games on the bar. I said no. He told me to put in a $20, play $1, then I would get the $19 back and my first drink would be free for gambling. I did what was told. When I went to make a move on the screen, it said that I had no money in there. The player/bet lights weren’t even up. I called the bartender over and he said “yeah, you must’ve played it all”. But here’s the gotcha, I never pressed a single button on the screen because I did not know how to play it. They unapologetically hustled me out of $20. I’m assuming because there were only 4 customers. The bare tender placed blame on my, so I paid for my drink and left. $20 in unrest, $20 hustled by the bar and 5.50 for a drink. Don’t trust the bartenders at the Fun Hog Ranch was an expensive lesson to learn.