Dirk Martens, 56M. Hi, my name is Dirk, i'm single, living alone in Gent (Belgium -Europe). I'm a very calm person and it's very difficult to get me angry. I like the nature, animals, travelling, music, movies, cooking, etc... I'm very open minded and i hate racism and discrimination. Also lying and cheating are 2 things i realy don't like. In a relationship i only ask that my partner is always honest and faithful to me. When i give my heart, i give it for ever. Unfortunely it has been broken twice When i go on vacation i like to learn about the culture and religion about the locals. You want to know more? Just ask me whatever you like to know...

Ghent, Belgium
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  • Tels Quels Cafe Center, Brussels
  • Le Baroque Center, Brussels
  • Le Belgica Center, Brussels
  • Rainbow House Center, Brussels
  • La Reserve Center, Brussels
  • The Boots Nord (North), Antwerp