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  • North Hollywood Spa North Hollywood, North Hollywood
  • dinodd
    dinodd reviewed North Hollywood Spa Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I read the reviews before going and still decided to go because it was convenient, a good deal and I went to the other location and had a good time. When I got there I understood about 4% of what the guy was saying and had to continually ask him to repeat himself. I got a room and was charged 35 instead of the 20 for 18-25 which I brought up to the guy and he just waved it off. Told him I was going to talk to the manager later and he just waved it off. When I got in there I was looking forward to taking a shower but the guy cleaning the shower and steam rooms took about 4 hours to clean it and still didn't do a very good job. The rest of the place is disgusting, nobody actually WORKS here theyre just on their phones talking and texting as condoms, lube and cum layers every surface of the upstairs. Not only will I not be going back to this location but I won't be going back to ANY Hollywood Spa location. These aholes can't have my money if they're running a place like this. I suggest somewhere else ANYWHERE else, a backalley would suit you better.