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  • Gym Sportsbar Chelsea, New York
  • Phoenix Bar East Village, New York
  • Club Cumming East Village, New York


  • digdeeper
    digdeeper reviewed Gym Sportsbar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not for me
    I understand that the phrase "to each his own" exists. However, this place isn't my own. Speaking of "Gym," I think I saw my middle school gym teacher's doppleganger making out on the couch at this bar. Did I mention he was pushing 40, was frequently unshaven, and dressed like an overweight Met's fan circa 1982? Anyway, if that's your thing, I'm sure this place would suffice.

  • digdeeper
    digdeeper reviewed Club Cumming Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Sometimes quiet, but always fun
    On a few occasions I've come here during the week and it is almost deserted. However, when it's busy, it's great. The crowd is laid back and friendly. The atmosphere is similar to Phoenix, as are the patrons. The DJ plays great music (I love me some Rihanna) and he, along with the bartenders, are consistently very attractive. I give it an Avenue A+.

  • digdeeper
    digdeeper reviewed Phoenix Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Unpretentious, love it.
    A gay bar where no one scoffs at a man wearing shorts and sandals? Who knew! It's a great place with cheap beer and "divey" atmosphere. Despite not feeling judged and scouted by every man in the place, it still is somewhere you can easily meet interesting people. I like.