Leigh James, 66M. I am an optimist who is often more focused on the past and the future than the present moment; therefore I can be reckless, impulsive and adventurous... I have an active imagination and am intuitive; most people notice that. I am not wholly satisfied with my current life situation, but I do realise it is in my own hands to change this. I'm in the process of doing just that - single now, the world is my oyster! Sensitive, a loyal friend and an adventurous soul. Genuine man who is humanist by nature. HAVE LOW TOLERANCE TO: injustice, racism, ageism, sexism or homophobia, any kind of bigotry really. I've even met some bigoted queers in my time! Is that a contradiction or what? I don't like liars or rude, arrogant, pompous people. There, I've managed to upset some nasty fecker. GOOD JOB! Many people on here are probably wonderful, but I'm sure there are some... Be proud of what you are and love yourself for who you are. None of us should ever need to 'act' anything so please don't tell me you are 'Straight Acting'. Be yourself! If you are camp and theatrical then of course that's your business too! We are family - VIVE LA DIFÃRENCE! I'm just not into camp men sexually, and that's that, oh sometimes I've been known to do that too, never say never to anything. I've met lovely 'theatrical' characters... I have my moments too! INTERESTS: human rights; equal opportunity; homelessness; Amnesty International; fine art; architecture; music; (all sorts, but mainly jazz, soul, blues, salsa, samba, bossa nova, Cuban music, house, reggae and some techno. Classical [impressionist mostly - Debussy, Satie]) food; (eating out / in)... Losing the belly slowly but surely. Need to get in shape, get fit and healthy. So, if there's a man out there willing to take me under his wing, get me in the gym... I'm game! I'll always be a big bloke; just want to be a healthy big bloke... I'm a very good cook; I'm reminded of that often. Don't eat meat as a general rule, but will never say never to anything... Never say never to being a top, never say never to being a bottom. I love both in equal measure. Mid 50s, 183 cm (6ft) 95kilos (16st) Cymro ydw i. Fe fyddwn i'n falch iawn i dderbyn negeseuon yn y Gymraeg.

Cardiff, United Kingdom
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  • Golden Cross Pub Bute Terrace, Cardiff
  • WOW Bar City Centre, Cardiff


  • dewin
    dewin reviewed Golden Cross Pub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    A gay clientele that goes back longer than the established 'gay' pub that it is.
    Safe traditional style pub. Worth a visit on the weekend if you are visiting Cardiff!

  • dewin
    dewin reviewed WOW Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A good, friendly bar with entertainment on the eastern end of the city centre.
    This is a comfortable place for all ages, although the weekend customers tend to be a somewhat younger crowd. That's not a criticism, it's how it is. However, I've never felt uncomfortable being there. Good pub food served during the day which is reasonably priced; every time I've eaten there, there has been a vegetarian option. WOW is on my Facebook and leading up to my birthday this year, I was invited to a bottle of low alcohol sparking wine (which was ideal for that time of day) and a lunch - anything on the menu. Great touch from them and very much appreciated. Thanks! Worth a visit if you are coming to Cardiff for a weekend! Worth a visit if you live in South Wales and have never been. Recommended.