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  • Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City


  • derrius.b.cropper
    derrius.b.cropper reviewed Tropicana Casino & Resort Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Not on my dine
    I was invited to tag along with a friend who is a devoted Patti Labelle fan. On top of the price of tickets to the Patti Labelle show, he, paid 390..00 for the room which was spacious and uber basic. The paint was chipping, the windows were clouded with a dusty haze, it smelled like an attic, the decor was dated, the colors were faded, it had an overall worn feel about the whole place. The view was great only due to the fact that we were on the 45th floor but with dirty windows well, you could hardly enjoy it. The restaurants were all basic, the decor throughout was out of date, but Patti sang beautifully, she was stunning, and quite gracious and humble during the meet and greet, taking photos with all of us before gracing the stage. We ultimately had a blast in spite the fact that we were so put off by the accommodations the we slept in our clothes to avoid direct contact with the bedding.

  • derrius.b.cropper
    derrius.b.cropper reviewed Club Bunns Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Come As You Are!
    Club Bunns is one of most non-pretentious bars in Baltimore where all are welcome. Its centrally located in the heart of downtown and it caters to all ages. The jukebox is cool the Dj's are great, it's not Buckingham Palace but what bar is? They have a night for for everything from drag, to cards, hip-hop and vogue, go-go dancers male and female, 2-4-1 happy hours and even free food at times. In all it's a pretty cool place to get your drink\party on.