gary aka dee, 73. Bi submissive bottom leaning on gay side of life seeking advanced sexual feminization guidence 818 395 9610. I am in the legal field- I usually dress semi fem at 24 hour fitness in - womens short shorts, nylons, light makeup and feminine footwear - at 24 hour fitness in Panorama City, No Ho, Mid-Wilshire, Hawthorne. Did you want to check dees nylons for snags or runs :) Have a work out partner at 24 hour fitness? Friend with Benefits? Own dee as YOUR sex toy ? Use dee as a house maid and take advantage of her? Love my Hooters Military Monday uniform, Black Friday Hooters uniform, and my Orange Hooters Uniforms

Los Angeles, California
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    Any guys that go to Roman Holiday in Van Nuys that like sissies

    Give this bitch a call - she desire her feminization to be advanced

    Sissy plans on going Saturday for "Grand Opening"

    I wonder if they let sissy guys in pantyhose workout in womens short shorts ? I usually go to the 24 hour in Glendale or Panorama City in the wee hours of the am but wear long workout pants - hope to find some nice guys in WLA on weekends

    deeinlosangeles reviewed Midtowne Spa
    Over a year ago

    Love the third floor

    Love the Third floor - I get lucky most of the times I go there - but Melrose is closer to me

    deeinlosangeles reviewed Melrose Spa
    Over a year ago

    like it alot

    Just wished we sissy gurls did not have to stay in the rooms dressed fem - I also love the glory holes for guys to use me as their toy

    deeinlosangeles reviewed 1350 Club
    Over a year ago

    love it mostly

    Just wished us gurls would be treated like we are treated at Total Body Therapy Spa/sex club in San Bernadino