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  • Club Orlando Orlando
  • Club Jacksonville Downtown, Jacksonville


  • dee7th
    dee7th reviewed Club Orlando Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Safe Fun, Too Little Time
    Likes: Outdoor pool with nude sun bathing; dry heat sauna; weekday stay time (8hrs); gym equipment and new management's appeal to a variety of guests with its emphasis on safe sex. Dislikes: Weekend stay time decreased to 6hrs; gym reduced in size for an office; many of the televisions have not worked for weeks; Sunday brunch ends too early; not attracting enough people on the weekends; and the steam is too hot for the summer days.

  • dee7th
    dee7th reviewed Club Jacksonville Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Old and Moldy
    This is a very dirty, moldy but reputable bath house. No sexual behavior allowed in common areas, no smoking except on the sun deck and no nudity in common areas. The old gymnasium needs cleaning and updated. The men were of different ages equally divided between 20's, 30's and older. The service at front door was deceit and the people were very friendly.This is my last visit. (updated from last year.)