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  • Grand Central Mount Vernon, Baltimore
  • Sidelines Bar Southend, Charlotte
  • Mixers Cedmont, Baltimore
  • Club One Downtown, Savannah


  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed Mixers Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Neighborhood bar with no attitude. The drinks are cheap, the bartenders are friendly and the crowd is warm. Theres a patio for smoking, and lounging and you;ll always find a decent amount of people on Wednesday-Sunday. Freddy is the best bartender although he sometimes forgets to smile :) This is the place to go north of the City.

  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed Grand Central Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Decor is nice for Bmore. You reallly dont have much choice in the area. Bartenders are ok, nothing great. The crowd during the week is very small, and most know one another. Weekends can be busy with the dance area opening up with a cover charge. The beers are $4 on weekends. There is a smoking patio out back and a dance area with cover upstairs. Nothing great but better than the Hippo. It also has a younger crowd than Hippo.

  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed Club One Over a year ago
    Loves it

    ideally located on the main strip. The bar is cash only and has 2 levels. The main level is usally reserved for drag shows and the bottom floor is the main bar with karaoke. Devon is the cutest, best bartender. It's usuallly quiet except for Fri-Sat.

  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed Atlantic Beach Hotel and Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Um ok
    Stayed at the La Concha. Went to Atlantic Beach bar next door. The location is great. Cannot complain about beachfront drinks however as previous posts say, the place is dead. The decor looks like you tree house from 3rd grade. The bartenders are nice but mostly straight. The owners really messed up in not investing in this ideally located bar with a loyal following. I was the youngest person there. Beers are relatively expensive unless you're there for happy hour but then again why would you go there for happy hour. Not a gay friendly place but a good place to grab a drink and watch the tide turn......for about a minute. I suggest going to the convenience store across the street, grabbing a $2 Medalla Light and sitting on the beach.

  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed Circo's Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Went on a Saturday
    It was crowded but just enough to get the party going. The only gripe had was that the music was loud throughout the bar/club. Although there were at least 3 bars, it was loud everywhere we went. There wasn't a lounge area or somewhere where you could have decent conversation without your ears bleeding. Overall the place is nice with a good mix of ages, mostly 20s and 30s. And yes, I danced shirtless. The area around the club needs a revitalization. Trannys and hookers, homeless folk are rampant and will try to hustle you for everything from a parking spot to a blowjob. Be careful. It's onyl 1 miles from Condado but best to take a cab or park early.

  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed SX Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Just ok.....
    It was crowded on a Sunday but definitely not your typical Eagle as in DC or NYC leather.....it's a bar/club with the usual music and doesn't really set itself apart from the other clubs in Santurce. The good thing is that it's located on the main road away from the side roads where Trannys and homeless hoodlums will hustle you for a BJ or a parking space. The bartenders are very friendly and the crowd was very pleasant with a good mix of early to late 20s and mid to late 30s. I enjoyed myself. At the time, it is cash only.

  • dcrunner
    dcrunner reviewed Sidelines Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun friendly crowd
    Was here on a Wednesday and met some very friendly people. The bartender, Ralph, was awesome and was nice enough to chat me up through the evening. Would definitely recommend this place for business travelers as it is close to the Embassy Suites.