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  • Cocktails Cleveland Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland
  • The Hawk Edgewater, Cleveland
  • Happy Dog Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland
  • Momocho Ohio City, Cleveland
  • FLEX Spas Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland


  • cuddleottercle
    cuddleottercle reviewed Roxu Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Bringing a splash of gay to the Madison pub crawl
    Prepares sushi with finesse. Cute gay bartender serves with a smile. Cool and sleek bar overlooking Madison, next to Barrio. Officially, "mixed," but just as many gay men at the bar as straight couples. Fun and sexy!

  • cuddleottercle
    cuddleottercle reviewed Happy Dog Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Happy but not Gay
    it's a hot dog joint. cool. is it gay- no. is it a gay bar- no. once again- Gay cities sux.

  • cuddleottercle
    cuddleottercle reviewed Cocktails Cleveland Over a year ago
    Hates it

    seriously shitty neighborhood
    who cares about the bar when you don't know if you are going to find your car intact when you leave. unless you know how to handle yourself in the hood, don't risk it. and- have you noticed on these review pages that it's the same few guys checking into every bar. I think that neatly sums up the 'diversity' of the crowds at the bars. lol

  • cuddleottercle
    cuddleottercle reviewed Highland Square Tavern Over a year ago
    Hates it

    if you like a conveniently located watering hole across from the rapid station. enjoy. is this really gay? didn't seem so last time.

  • cuddleottercle
    cuddleottercle reviewed The Hawk Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Thanks for the Memories
    Bottoms Up is closed. Bounce is...idk. But the pretty young things have set up camp at The Hawk. I recognized only 3 or 4 regulars. The rest were all hatchlings. "I want a place where I can meet MEN!" Not young "adults." The bars have been going downhill for over a decade, but with CLAW leaving the bars for a suburban hotel, and now old places like The Hawk being abandoned by its regular crowd, it's not like there's a home for the over 30 set anymore. You can have Cocktails. It makes The Hawk's neighborhood look like Beachwood.