32M. "The real entity in life is how we make life great , joyful yet fair to everyone." I'm David Smith , a 24 year old guy living with roommates in the area of sta monica los angeles california. My family doesn't know about this side of me. Well I guess some of us are still in the process of acceptance. Most of us are trying to hide it towards everyone , probably to spare the people around us and to get rid of being embarrassed , but who cares! this is me!, this is not their life , i make my own decision , facing the consequence of my action , i'm in control of everything.... there's always reason why things are changing. Changes that could give us different view or perception to somethings, but what important is , these changes which we make are not going to harm anybody nor convert us to being a bad person rather to build our own personality be a better person ... The hardest thing to believe is the truth behind reasons.

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