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  • Club 120 Gay Village, Toronto
  • Ocean Park Ocean Park, San Juan
  • Xteamworks Santurce, San Juan


  • clewisjr67
    clewisjr67 reviewed Xteamworks Over a year ago
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    Hot Sex Club in PR
    Puerto Rico is back! this place is hot, its clean a little small its a bathhouse their are no saunas....the boys are hot in all shapes and sizes. Its about 5 minutes from Condado/Ocean Park via car. You can get a cab there or walk.

  • clewisjr67
    clewisjr67 reviewed Ocean Park Over a year ago
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    Ocean Park at Night
    This is the beach to go know the Latin boys like at night and i mean as soon as it turns dark, the boys are out playing until the next latin boys of all ages. You will have a good time...the section is between Calle Elena and Atlantic Place...just go and be ready to play. Their is a robo cop out there to deter not to arrest just be careful